5 Sports that probably will not know that there

5 Sports that probably will not know that there

Football, tennis, basketball, golf, rugby or cycling. All sports are known by the general public, reported on television at all hours, some even with their own channel, whose live competitions are accessible to everyone. But, have you ever wondered how many ye have sports there we do not know? We present five sports, besides not know, you seem rare, rare, rare sure …


Can there be two opposing chess and boxing sports practices? At first, the answer is crystal clear, but after seeing this video on Chessboxing, sure you have not so clear. Just say one thing: you can win in two ways, by KO or checkmate …


You know they usually do this footballers drop and slip with his chest to celebrate something? It turns out that is an Olympic sport. The Skeleton is a sport of tobogganing where exceed 130 km / h head down, his chin a few centimeters from the ground and with only a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads for protection. To make matters worse, the sled has no steering wheel. Let’s see who is the handsome who dares to try!

5 Sports that probably will not know that there

Ultimate frisbee

The Ultimate mixes elements of football, basketball and rugby. So far, good. But most surprising is that is played with a frisbee …! Yes, yes, that we use frisbee on the beach in summer is the coveted object of desire of two mixed teams of 7 people (if playing on the beach are only 5). The basic rules: the disc can not fall to the ground and not be more than 10 seconds in possession of the same player and a point each time a pass is completed in the endzone adds. To play!


Oddly enough, this sport was conceived as a form of “transport” in the Netherlands, where many waterways. People picked up a long stick well, ran towards the canal, dug the stick and jumped through the waterway, without giving rodeos. Now there are championships, leagues and dedicated to getting the longest jump clubs.


As the most: football, beach volleyball and mixed with music and revelry capoeira. Two teams, an inflatable track and two trampolines. And then, invented in Spain! Little more can be said…

Here are 5 clear examples that everyone can find their sport. Already there is no excuse for not move!

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