7 Original christmas gift ideas

christmas gift

Christmas is coming and therefore, the time of the gifts. Santa Claus is already flying over your fireplace loaded with packages in which there are all those things that have requested this year … or not.

Quiet, you are not alone. All have given us that flannel pajamas for which never get the chance to find; Grandma and pullovers or impossible, make no mistake, yourself and ties for your father.

In Yumping do not want your gift this holiday season is one more. Here we challenge Santa and his boring details, getting a little adrenaline.

We present several original options to give to others, or why not bestow on yourself.

DRIVE A FERRARI If Santa can fly his sleigh, why you can not be you with a car? We offer you to become a real pilot and feel the speed at the wheel of some of the best cars. You can choose from here between Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Lamborghini or a real Formula 1 and also burn it to have a good memory. and laugh reindeer!

christmas gift


One of the latest additions in terms of entertainment, it is worth taking.

It is a kind of electric robot with wheels and engine that lets you scroll anywhere and in any condition as quickly as possible.

Moreover, with its handlebars have a 360 degree turn that lets you access anywhere.

If you are one of those who would touch the figurine roscon and does not want to pay, Choose from these experiences!


Sure you remember the mythical phrase mother “and if your friends are thrown over a bridge, too?”.

Well, now you know what to say “if my friends pull no, if you throw you with me.”

It is one of the activities that creates curiosity. Is to choose a point that usually reaches a considerable altitude, to hold a body part, usually the ankle with a rope and jump into the void.

It’s an adrenaline rush like few activities produce.

If you want to make peace with your inner adventurer, you’re taking time to choose the site. We leave you a few ideas.


An activity luxury, great views and an experience to remember. That’s what offers paragliding in all its forms and therefore, we believe it can be a great gift for these dates.

It could be defined as an activity in which, thanks to a parachute area overflow unpowered which normally we would have no access on foot.

Notes these possibilities and do not run out to be the king of the gifts.


Another experience to fly. It is similar to the previous but in this case, the person jumps from, say, an airplane, helicopter or balloon.

Once you are in free fall, a lever that opens the parachute is activated and that lets you glide to the landing surface, cushioning the impact.

We have several possibilities to choose the perfect gift for instance, for your brother.

And you feel the giddiness you feel you when you see him peel the shrimp before you.


Although a priori may seem to not hit much with the time of year when we meet, we think that may be one of the most original ways of squaring the perfect gift.

In Yumping we offer all these locations for you to choose which suits you best.

Whether professional or amateur you are, here you will feel like a fish in water, but water really, not like the nativity scenes, which is silver paper.


Ended as they would in Lapland, is that the Christmas spirit invades us with such activities.

Perhaps the name does not ring a bell, but if we tell you to change Rudolph by a dog, we give you clues.

It Consists of go on a sleigh led by Nordic dogs on a snow path. He has mushroomed this idea in our country since the reception has been very good.

Of course, one of the most fun.

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