Bungee jumps more beasts of spain

Bungee jumps

One of the best ways to untie stress is tied up in that rope throwing us straight to the adrenaline. We’re talking about bungee jumping, one of the fastest growing activities in our country over the years.

Not all dare to live it, but who does, repeat. And as usually we are ambitious, we always improve ourselves.

Therefore, and for this, we will review the 7 highest points of the country from which to experience this particular emotion that both full and yet, is caused by the vacuum. We jump?

Bridge Lanjaron. Granada Far exceeds 80 meters high and slashing 90. The walls of the ravine Tablete will witness a free fall of over 20 meters long. Most adrenaline feeling experienced by living the experience so close to the walls of Tablete.

42 meters high, 20 pendulum fall. The Mediterranean Sea and Alicante background. Bridge surrounded by a pine forest, which will jump even more beautiful experience.

Nothing more and nothing less than 40 meters high, with 20 freefall. The setting could not be more ideal, as you jump from a railway bridge. The nature surrounding the place, will jump an unforgettable experience.

Bungee jumps

Bridge Atxaspi lifts you up to 40 meters but this time with a twist. And it is none other than jumping in front of the Bay of Biscay, with aromas of saltpeter. The fall is set at 20 meters.

Viaduct Cedeja lifts you about 38 meters high, with a fall of 22 meters pendulum. The river will witness firsthand your adrenaline. Undoubtedly, one of the points the north of our most sought after country.

With the passing of the Segura River, Iron Bridge awaits you with 40 meters high. This time, we have 30 meter drop.

In the fall angers braking with the pendulum effect.

Ideal place for those who are starting place. Beautiful arched bridge and 28 meters high. An unimposing to experience seen so far, but that abounds among beginners.

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