Fatbike: Bike does it all


They have come as a revolution, like a breath of fresh air in the MTB world, the Fat Bikes are the latest craze as far as Mountain Bikes is concerned. A rough bike, which seems to have recycled enduro wheels, now becomes the passion of thousands of “bikeros” looking for something different, something that allows them to roll on any surface.

Born as a pure need for transportation and work, to roll on sand or snow, the Fattys are becoming fashionable among all lovers of extreme mountain. And its tremendous wheel makes them safe both in a gravel area, as in a desert dune or on an icy track in northern Alaska. Whether you have mud, ice or quicksand, stability and security of this type of bike you do not find anywhere else.

Its growth over the past year has been brutal, all brands seem to want to have at least one model in the catalog and the events surrounding this fashion have been expected. In the US, they held several years ago the Great Lakes Fat Bikes Series, a set of several races of this type running in different states of american country. And Europe next month in these conflicts to be released Snow Epic, an event of 5 races in just 3 days. Quite a show.

Here are a couple of videos in case you start to bite the bug. You know, a couple of good fat wheels and bowling!

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