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Football on clay. Real sport


Professional footballers have just run out one of its biggest excuses when they lose a game or your game leaves much to be desired: “The course was in very bad conditions …” . These conditions are precisely those sought in this strange and dirty sport: football on clay.

Or on grass, on land or cement. Soccer can also play on clay. You can not play touch because the ball rarely rolls on the muddy ground, nor can devise plays epic strategy because you never know where you’ll fall or where it will go to stop the ball, but none of it seems matter to the players and players who are released from full to foul play (dirty for obvious reasons …)

It seems that this curious version, which has little to do with the older brother we all know, arose in Finland, where we imagine that the constant rains leave few days of sun and dry soils for sport. So said and done, established new rules, new equipment and, most importantly, a new field, much more demanding than the typical quilted grass you see in the professional stadiums.

From there, football has caused a furor mud around the world, from the Nordic countries to China, even creating a World Cup Football Barro. Who was going to say it! It seems to get dirty to the most intimate places in your body while trying to put a ball in the back of a network has charm.

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