Kneeboard, enjoying the waves on his kness


Surfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing, paddlesurf … In the sea, and on a table, there are dozens of sports to enjoy.

One of them is practiced knees, you know what?

If you do not know, we’ll tell you what. The kneeboard, as its Anglo – Saxon name says, is a water sport very similar to surf or bodyboard slip, but with a fundamental difference: the position on the table.

If surfing is mainly practiced standing and lying bodyboard, kneeboard in it adopts an intermediate position, and the kneeboarder rests on the table on his knees . Moreover, the movement and the tricks performed are very similar to its two “big brothers”.

Although not a well – known practice in our country, in the US years he has been playing kneeling on the water, going back to the early 60s kneeboard In California, of course . The Cantabrian coast and the Canary Islands have been consolidated in Spain as the referent of this curious mode that allows things like this …

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