Mix sports, the latest fashion

Mix sports

Take a tennis racket, football boots and something like the rules of basketball and alehop! We already have new sport! Vaaaaale, create a new sport is not so easy, but lately discovered many strange sports that looks like a robot chooses some existing ones, randomly mix and generates new consumer tastes.

We have for example the Chessboxing, which we discussed recently, underwater rugby, which I already imagine what it is, or Hurling , a mixture of hockey, football, rugby and basketball. Crazy!

But among all these “sports Frankensteins” , one that we like is the Speed Riding a mixture adrenalitica ski paragliding. It sounds good, right?

This spectacular cocktail of air and makes very little snow was born in the Alps and has been catching on quite unexpectedly for the creators. Just you need an average level of skiing, a candle and many, many desire to fly, since the use of sailing allows you to make impossible leaps, overcome slopes and slopes and explore areas outside impossible with simple ski track.

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