Our Visit to Universal Studios in Singapore

My family and I went to the Universal Studios theme park in Singapore last month. We had a great time. It is so big, almost fifty acres. Mom told me a little bit about the history of this place and how it had one opening in March of 2010 and that Paula Abdul came to visit for that opening. A bunch of other people were here too. There are 21 rides all together and six of them are roller coasters and two are water rides.


It is really the only one of its kind in Asia, they started building it in 2007 and it took them three years to build and open it up for everyone. During Halloween of 2011 they had a special party for everybody to be a part of. I heard it was lots of fun.


The transformer ride was opened there in 2011 and it was so much fun, and then there was the Shrek and Madagascar parts of the park which were so much fun to go see with all the music and pretty stuff all around and Shrek and Madagascar were always my favorite movies. I like Donkey from Shrek the best though. They started selling stuff in shops there and had all kinds of good food to eat. In 2011 after having to close down for a little while the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster opened back up and now we can ride it and it was crazy fun. My little brother really liked it. In 2012 the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase was going to open and it even has a stage show now where you can meet the guys off of Sesame Street. Then they opened Puss n Boots’ Giant Journey and they had a new stage show or as I call them plays at the Shrek part of the park. I think they called it Far, Far, Away.

All of this surrounds a big lagoon. They have a place that they call Hollywood Boulevard, this was named after the real Hollywood Boulevard in California. Then they had a place that looked like New York city there too. They had a place that looked just like it was out of one of those future movies, I think they called it Sci-Fi City that has all kinds of things that look like they came from the outer space. There is also a place that looks just like Egypt, it is so pretty it has stuff that looks like the things they dug up when they found King Tut’s tomb. The Lost World part was really neat too, it looked like it came right out of the movie. I never saw any real dinosaurs though, maybe they were sleeping.

On Friday and Saturday nights they have a fireworks show for everyone to see. They do it on holidays too and I think that is really neat. There is a store there that sold all of this candy and it was so good, they had the best fudge I have ever tasted in my life. It was so cool. They also have a starbucks there too but who doesn’t have a starbucks right.


They have special shows there every day too, there is one that looks, smells, acts, and feels like a real hurricane is going to hit New York at any minute. In the Ancient Egypt part of the park, there is a ride and it is called the Revenge of the Mummy Ride, it turns so fast and it even goes backwards. There is another ride there called the treasure hunter, it rides around what a real scene would have looked like when they were finding all of that stuff in the desert a long time ago. I guess all in all though my favorite part was all of the food, and of course the candy shop. I had lots of fun on the rides though and I got to buy lots of stuff in the shops.

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