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Putting Safety First when Teaching Children to Hunt

Hunting season is a time of year that many families look forward to, especially those along the East Coast and in the Midwestern United States. Teaching your children how to hunt safely is necessary to prevent injuries and potentially fatal accidents from happening. Hunting safety courses are available in some areas, which helps teach children the right way to use hunting rifles and crossbows. It is important that your child is old enough to operate this equipment safely before taking them out with you.

Gun Safety and Training
Children must learn to keep the safety on when they are not firing their weapon. Safeties are important and should be engaged when walking with the weapon and getting setup for deer hunting South Carolina excursions. In terms of crossbows and other archery equipment, ensuring that your child has the strength to pull backward on the bow, while safely holding the arrow, is also necessary.
Consider signing your children up for archery, hunting and gun safety training courses before taking them hunting.

Hunting Etiquette
Hunting is meant to be a peaceful time spent in nature. If you wish to listen to music, take earbuds along so that other hunters are not disturbed. Wildlife will not come near humans when noise is heard. Maintaining the peaceful calm of the woods is required. It is also important to be mindful of where other hunters are setup and to not intrude on their hunting space.

Safely Approaching Wildlife
Once you have hit your target, approach the animal slowly and with caution. The animal may appear to be incapacitated until you are close to it. It can become agitated, which may cause injury to you and those hunting with you. Wait one minute after hitting your target to ensure that the animal is incapacitated and slowly walk toward the animal to inspect it for transport.

Supplies and Nourishment
If you do not plan to have your cell phone in your pocket, keep it charged and in your vehicle for easy access in case of emergency. You should have survival supplies, including a proper first aid kit and security blanket. It is important to take enough water and non-perishable food for several days in case you are hit with poor weather and cannot leave the hunting grounds. Fire starting items and flashlights with fresh batteries, and a backup set of batteries, are also ideal items to bring along.

Closing Thoughts
The first time or two that your child or children tag along for hunting season, just have them watch and help you. There is a lot to learn about hunting, and a lot of it is learned while partaking in the sport. Safety should always be your number one priority with education and fun following closely behind. Hunting is an opportunity for many families to stock their freezers with meat for the upcoming year

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