Running skyward

Running skyward

Do not let’s fool: the mountains we love, we feel one of the best places to run. It is an extra effort, technique, strategy, much control.

The best choice for intrepid and lovers of natural landscapes but in all forms of mountain that have been trendy lately, there is one that raises passions for its spectacular routes and its tremendous hardness: the vertical KM. Literally run to the sky.

And if 1,000 vertical meters between output and developed arrival on a journey of no more than 5 kilometers not raise passions, it is not up nothing. With these conditions so restrictive official, the “skyrunners” face slopes up to 50%. The 50%! What legs endure that?

So, keep pace throughout the tour is virtually impossible, and the technical stops, using batons and grip natural projections to propel are our daily bread in the vertical KM.

A race to the top by route more direct, but not the most accessible and could be described this type of mountain. Short, demanding and explosive. Those who tested, engage. You are willing?

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