The Ultimate Margaret River, Eat, Drink and Stay Guide

margaret riverTime for a holiday! Where to go, what to do and how long to stay? At long last, it’s time to get away from the usual day in and day out of everyday life, and get away from it all. After all, everybody deserves a well-earned rest, right? And what more to make that perfect getaway than to stay somewhere that caters to all needs, and really makes you want to stay there and not leave! Sounds like the perfect place right? But what are those things known as ‘facilities’ which enhance a place of accommodation, and makes one want to stay longer? What are the hallmarks of a really great place to stay? Let’s take a look at what makes a holiday a much more memorable one.

1 – The people who work there, who manage it and who own it

You can have the swankiest lodgings there are, but if the staff are rude and don’t take care of your needs, well, who wants to stay there? The service is highly important because everyone, regardless of whether you’re in town on business, celebrating something special, or just plain taking a holiday, you deserve the very best. Friendly, helpful staff should do everything they can to make your stay more comfortable and unforgettable.

2 – The room itself

When you first walk into your room, (first impressions are what count!) you should feel comfortable, immediately at home, and thinking this is just what I want. If in the W. Australia region and looking to stay in luxury accommodation at Margaret River, make sure to select only the very best. After all, you will be spending part of your life there! So, what’s in a room?

  • Is it clean?
  • Does it have a pleasant smell?
  • Is the bed big enough?
  • A variety of pillows and cushions or a phone call away?
  • Are there high-quality furnishings?
  • A window or windows that you can open?
  • Good curtains that contain light?
  • Is there a fridge with drinks?
  • A TV? Film and other entertainment channels? DVD selection?
  • A kitchen area? (If you love cooking for yourself)
  • Furniture? Sofa? Armchairs? Table?
  • Bathroom – Bath and/or shower? Good condition towels and bathrobes?
  • Is there free Wi-Fi for all the tech users out there?
  • Is there climate control?
  • How secure is the room?
  • Is there a verandah or balcony?
  • Is there a laundry service?

3 – Location – Are there any shops or restaurants nearby? How far is it to local sightseeing spots? Is it noisy?

4 – Parking – Is there on-site parking and is it free? Is there security for your car, such as a guard or CCTV? If you’re looking for a real special place to stay and wants some luxury with it, check out for more information.

So, that should give you some idea of what to expect when staying at a respectable and quality place of accommodation. And here’s hoping that your holiday will be one to remember and maybe even to return again sometime in the future! Have a good one!

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