Visiting Edinburgh? Try These Money-Saving Hacks

Edinburgh has been Scotland’s capital city since the 15th century. For thousands of years, this very popular city has attracted tourists from all over the world. Edinburgh Castle, the picturesque Old Town, and the refreshingly modern wynds of downtown Edinburgh all contribute to the beauty of this historical city.

Despite the enamour that Edinburgh continues to receive from people, it is also known for being one of the least budget-friendly tourist destinations, not just in Scotland, but also in the entire United Kingdom. It is therefore good to know that there are plenty of money-saving tips to help extend your budget, and your stay here in Edinburgh:

  1. Visit museums – they are mostly free

Oftentimes, entrance fees take the bulk of travel expenses. Consider revising your itinerary. While historical sites like Edinburgh Castle are a must-see, they are undeniably expensive. It is therefore wiser to add places like the Writers’ Museum and the National Museum, as they are free, and also give one an immersion in the local culture and history. The remnants of your budget can be allotted for visiting other free attractions like the National Gallery.

  1. Time your visit right

It is a universal and absolute fact that hotels, merchandise, and even flight tickets skyrocket in prices during peak seasons. Edinburgh is not an exemption to the rule. Avoiding holiday season, and the month of August, when the internationally renowned Arts Festival and Fringe Festival are held, saves you not just money, but also the hassle of dealing with the overwhelming tourist influx.

  1. Try out alternative forms of accommodation

Self-catering flats and apartments Edinburgh offers are some of the recent trends in alternative forms of vacation accommodation. Self-catering apartments are usually drastically cheaper than even the most inexpensive hotels. This kind of accommodation also makes staying more memorable, as it will allow you to cook your own food, and give you greater privacy.

Hostels are another great option, and they may also make your trip more unforgettable, with the added interaction with the different kinds of fellow tourists that you share it with. The University of Edinburgh offers student dorm rooms as well.

  1. Walking instead of taking taxis

Aside from the generally cool temperature of Edinburgh and the other, more obvious, benefits of getting some leg and cardiovascular exercise, walking to get around is actually the best way to explore the city. There are many views that one can miss by taking a taxi. Princes Street Gardens, a public park, and sceneries like the riverside sunsets of The Water of Leith Walkway are just two amazing sights that you can only witness by travelling on foot.

By remembering these really simple but helpful tips, you will surely be able to have an unforgettable excursion in the Scottish capital.





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