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The best land to practice running


The running (the run of a lifetime) has become fashionable in recent times by many things, but among them there is a very clear: their ease. Anyone can put on some shoes and get running. Then we can enter other qualifications such as technical clothing, training series, and templates to improve tread, specific improvement techniques, etc. But for an amateur, all that will matter in the next stage.

Now, something to keep in mind from the beginning, if you want to get to the second phase without physical problems, is the land that is chosen to run. It may seem silly, but your body is not the same run on sand, compacted soil or asphalt. There are better and worse areas to our ankles, knees and other joints, and the like are listed below:

Natural grass: grass is the ground where our joints suffer less. It is a soft surface, buffer, adapts to tread, and even you can run barefoot! Contact with the grass is low impact, and this is appreciated if you have or have had any injury, or for people who start in the world of running.

Beach sand: it seems the shore of a beach is the perfect place to unleash our legs. But it’s not like that. The sandy surface is usually very irregular, which can cause muscle strain and on some twist. Still, with caution and in short sessions, damping sand is perfect to strengthen the muscles of the ankle.

Earth: compacted earth roads are one of the best options for running. Provide the necessary hardness for good stride and absorption necessary for the impact not make dust our delicate joints. And besides, running down the field mola.

Synthetic Tartan: athletics tracks are a good choice for those hard – core runners who have no other surface nearby. They are softer than any asphalt, but also are hard for a long session, not to say that being a circuit circling for hours can be so boring.

Tarmac: the worst land without a doubt. Punished mercilessly runner legs, not to mention the dangers we have around: cars, bikes, pedestrians … Still, it is an evil that must be used, since the vast majority of races run through it.

You know, lie to running is not cowardly, but imprudent if not the surface on which it runs well monitored. Let’s enjoy your legs!

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